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Status Quo of Christmas Gifts Exporting in China

From January to August, 2009, Guangdong Christmas commodities exports dropped 16.3% than last year. Zhejiang Yiwu Christmas gifts industry association shows that 2009 Christmas goods export probably reduced 20% to 30%. Because of the decrease of European and American market purchasing power, the "Merry Christmas" printed in the gifts has been printed in many countries' languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese, and sent to Brazil, Argentina, and other South American countries. While the Christmas products to Russia, East European and Southeast emerging markets were also changed into the local languages.

The customs data show that at the end of 2009, the foreign trade was getting better, and Rebound in exports. From March of 2009, the exports began to increase, and in August, the rising trend is basically established. In November, the imports and exports began to go up year-on-year, in December, the rising was powerful, and chain rise is also strong. The monthly import hit an all-time high; the monthly exports listed the top 4. The Customs showed China's foreign trade is in speeding recovery. Meanwhile, the big increase of imports showed the policy of incurring economy has an apparent effect. The strong domestic demand would also help world economic growth.

In 2009, the foreign trade imports and exports, with a total of 2,207.27 billion US dollars, down by 13.9% in 2008, slightly higher than the total export trade of 2007. The export is 1,201.67 billion US dollars, down by 16%. Import is 1,005.6 billion US dollars, down by 11.2%. Trade surplus in the whole year accumulated to 196.07 billion US dollars, decreasing by 34.2%.

Customs shows that during the bilateral trade with major trade partners, EU became the largest trade partner in 2009, the China-Europe bilateral trade total quote is 364.09 billion US dollars, down by 14.5%. In the same period, US became the second largest trade partner whose bilateral trade is 298.26 billion US dollars, down by 10.6%. Japan is the third one whose trade is 228.85 billion US dollars, down by 14.2%.

In 2009, China finished the task of protect the market and share. Chinese products' share in the global market keeps about 9%.

1. Introduction of Exporting Areas

The customs data show that the exporting Christmas gifts supplying bases are mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang. The export quantity is over half of the total number of export. Guangdong and Zhejiang are the two biggest domestic Christmas gifts manufacturing bases.

As view form domestic market, in December of 2009, Guangdong exports 39.97 billion US dollars, an increase of 23.5%, and 15.2% y/y. Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Zhejiang monthly export is over 10 billion US dollars, separately export 20.35 billion, 15.21 billion, and 13.61 billion US dollars, increase of 17.6%, 23.8%, and 14.3%, and year-on-year rise by 4.5%, 13.1%, and 20.3%. In the same period, Shandong, Fujian and Beijing separately export 8.09 billion, 5.71 billion, and 5.01 billion US dollars, increase of 15.3%, 23.2%, and 6.5%, and year-on-year rise by 7.4%, 20.6%, and 10.1%.

China is the global main producing country of Christmas products, Guangdong is China's Christmas producing and exporting base, with a yearly export over 60% of the domestic export, Zhejiang is also a big Christmas gifts exporting province. Yiwu of Zhejiang is the world's largest Christmas gifts exporting base. Half of the global Christmas Products, 70% of US market and over 40% of European market are from Yiwu. Yiwu Christmas supplies producers and selling agencies are nearly 400, with more than 200 manufacturers. The annual output value of Christmas supplies is over 2.5 billion, sales over 2 billion, covering 10 thousands of products, such as Christmas toy, Christmas trees, Christmas costume, and Christmas lightings.

2. Products Trends

In March, 2010, sales of Yiwu electric toys were better. During this time, the electric toys were sold more in domestic market; factories actively prepared large amounts of stocks to find the selling opportunity. About the foreign trade, the remote control and flashing toys are the main exporting products, such as the double power R/C plane, multi-trans direction R/C car. The permanent clients' purchasing amount is rising, and the situation is tending towards stability.

Recently, factories bring out several kinds of electric planes and R/C robots to attract the clients. The new type "yellow jackets" R/C plane was put into more technical content. The product is small and light, with the left and right turn motor, the material of the body is made of resistance material. It can fly steady and is suitable to fly inside the room.

There are many kinds of R/C planes and cars, the strong power electric toys become the mainstream of the market, so this kind of products should be well sold in the future. There are also many kinds of music turnover special cars, with many brands and various functions. The price was low, so it sells well in both domestic and international market.

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