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Special Props of the Doll's Festival in Japan

Cavin:Have you ever been to Japan?

Kathy:Yeah, it impressed me a lot , especially their traditional culture.

Cavin:That makes two of us. The Janpanese always attach weight to their traditional culture.

Kathy:Doll's Festival is interesting, I think.

Cavin:Doll's Festival is on 3rd, March.

Kathy:Girls dress up in their glorious clothes, and the dolls are showed up.

Cavin:The dolls symbolize that children may keep out of disasters and bad lucks,growing up happily.

Kathy:Maybe a kind of blessings.

Cavin:The dolls are taken up when the festival passed.

Kathy: My friends in Janpan also gave me one, so lovely.

* Words of the editor: Now, do you know what's the special prop of the doll's festival in Japan? is hat interesting a lot? haha, wish you have a good day!

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