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Various Valentine's Day Customs in Different Countries

For everyone there's sometime special and something unique to express, to memorize, to share their love and expectations, also in different countries the celebrating ways of the Valentine's day is also various and interesting...

In France: Basically it's the man to do some romantic actions for his lady, while women do not have to worry too muchˇ­

In Britain: In most occasions it's men to present gifts to women. In the United Kingdom, there are respondents who indicated that they had sent mangos, handcuffs and sweet donuts to their secret admirers.

In South Korea: Women will accustomed to give chocolates to men, and more chocolates the man received that indicates the man owned more popularity.

In Japan: The special way for women in Japan to celebrate Valentine's day is to give gifts to all the men they known.

In Italy: The Valentine's day for Italians is not bound to means a gift-giving day but a love confession day. The most special custom in Italy is against unmarried women, who will get up early on Valentine's Day and standing on the window in silence, looking forward to see the man first appeared in front her, in their belief the man first past through the window the girl stopped is just her prospective husband and he will marry her in one year.

In Brazil: That time (February 14) it's just in the period of the Rio carnival in Brazil. In fact, the lover date in Brazil is June 12.

In Mexico: The Valentine's Day in Mexico is a day to express friendship and love, so no matter men or women in Mexico will all give gifts to their friends who used to give them a hand.

In China: The Valentine's Day in China is just the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is a romantic holiday, in traditional feudal society, unmarried young girls are not permitted to go out freely except in holidays, during festival time they are allowed to go out with their companions, so the Lantern Festival produces a great chance of acquaintance for unmarried men and women, they could take advantage of this lantern sightseeing occasion to look out for their partners. And the lantern festival is also a good chance for lovers, which is one of hard-won occasions for them to arrange meetings too.

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