Occasion Gift Ideas & Tips

Best Gift-Giving Tips - You must Know!

If people grimace when you hand them a present, it's time to improve your gift-giving skills.

Skill Tip 1: Make it returnable

Always include a gift receipt. Even the nicest present is inconsiderate if you don¡¯t allow the recipient the option to exchange it.

Skill Tip 2: Make smart choices

Bigger isn't necessarily better. Give one small item of good quality rather than something huge but cheap.

Skill Tip 3: Be wary of size issues

When buying clothes, proceed cautiously. Don't give someone a 'large' unless you know that they know they're a large¡ªif you know what we mean.

Skill Tip 4: Never give pets

Never, ever give someone an animal unless you are 100 percent sure they want one and are capable of caring for it. Remember, you¡¯re not just giving them a pet; you¡¯re giving them the time, expense, and responsibility that come with it.

Skill Tip 5: Make a running list of gift ideas

For the people who matter most to you, tryn to keep a running list of gift ideas . By jotting down ideas as they come to you throughout the year, you'll be ready when the gift-giving occasion arises.

Skill Tip 6: Put some thought into it

You know those gifts you only seem to see around holiday time¡ªnose hair clippers, coin separators, motorized tie racks, cheese-and-sausage samplers? They scream 'last-minute' and lack of imagination. Steer clear. According to a bad-gift survey, clown art tops the list, followed by homemade sweaters, puzzles, tube socks, and ties.

Above all, if you want to give a gift successfully, you will need
- Gift receipts
- Discriminating taste
- Tact
- Consideration
- Steps

At last, wish you good luck, always.

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