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Flowers Presented to Mothers

The special flower presented to mothers is carnation in the popular world, carnation is a species of flower with slender green stems and colorful beautiful flowers, whose petals compact and difficult to wither, as well as spindly leaves that not easy to curl, carnation flowers are graceful and rich, with elegant and chic poses.

Red carnation symbolizes passion, justice, goodliness and never give up, dedicated to mother and wish her mother good health and longevity;

Pink carnation symbolizes beauty, youth and hot love, dedicated to mother and wish her forever young and beautiful;

White carnation stands for pure love of children to mother, dedicated to mother to express real love and sincere gratitude to mother;

Yellow carnation symbolizes thanksgiving, dedicated to mother and thanks for her hard working.

In China the special flower accustomed to dedicate to mother is hemerocallis flower or day lily, also known as Wang-You-Cao in Chinese. Hemerocallis flower is a species of perennial herb and belong the lily family. Hemerocallis flower has fleshy rhizome and long leaves, blossom orange red or orange-yellow flowers on the top of its slender branches, very beautiful, and very suitable for enjoyed watching, the buds of hemerocallis flower called Jin-zhen (in Chinese), so it also called daylily buds.

In the Mother's Day, children may present a bunch of day lily (Wang-You-Cao) to mother, and bless mother away from trouble and sorrow, wish her enjoyed a pleasurable life and have a good health and many happy returns.

On this special day, let us present a bunquet of flowers and our best blessing to all mothers in the world! All take action now, give mothers a happy holiday and do our obligations as children.

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