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Two Options To Be Included in 123GiftFactory.com * Fee-based, but a reciprocal link to us needed A reciprocal link is required for free inclusion. We will send you a HTML code on your submitting email. Please add the HTML code to your Web page that is within two clicks from your homepage. We will check the reciprocal link. If it comes to our standard, we will publish your listing on 123GiftFactory.com within 3-5 business days.


Submission Guideline: 1) Site must be complete, not under construction. No porn sites. 2) Sites must be in English or have an English version. 3) Create a brief description, listing the current content of your site; 4) Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category; Don't submit sites that: 1) include, constitute, or promote illegal content; 2) advertise Viagra, Cialis or products alike; 3) violate the copyright laws; 4) participate in any spam techniques or linking schemes; 5) mirror to other sites; 6) contain nothing more than links; 7) redirect the users to other sites. 8) Multiple entries from a same domain will be rejected. 9) submit duplicated sites; 10) be under construction; 11) capitalize the first letter of every word; Note: We withhold the right to edit listings and remove the ones that fail to keep any of our rules.


Benefits For Submitting Your Site To 123GiftFactory.com Bring You More Web Traffic -- Web Traffic Is Basic 123GiftFactory.com has more than one thousand daily sessions globally looking to source a variety of products. The rate is growing steadily. Linking to your business or cooperate Web site, our Site shares a part of visitor base with you, which also influences search engines positively. Enhance Your Market Exposure -- Market Exposure Is Crucial What's more important than Web traffic is how much of it counts your business. It's not a success to have directed hat finders to you if you are a sock trader. In 123GiftFactory.com we not only increase your market exposure by bringing you more traffic, but also enhance it by researching your business and putting your listing into the best place in our detailed categorized directory. Build Up Your Credibility In A Good Neighborhood -- Credibility Is Decisive Credibility is what a visitor count on to finally decide to send you an inquiry. 123GiftFactory.com benefits you with such credibility. 123GiftFactory.com accepts only real quality business Web sites, reviewed by our human editors for each word, which assures that your listing appears always in a good neighborhood. We spring-clean the linking regularly and weed out links no longer up to par.

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